Notes from 4/11 meeting

Here is a summary of our 4/11/11 meeting. We hope to see you at the next one!


We have an email address! it is


Book drive is officially happening the week of 4/25. As 4/25 is a holiday and there will not be much activity going on on campus or otherwise, we have decided to use our next workday meeting to get ready for the drive and decorate drop boxes.

In addition to stand-alone drop boxes, a table will be manned on the 2nd floor of the CdC by PLG members who have signed up. Materials which will be at this table are

– Sign up list for PLG

– Materials about Women’s Prison Book Project

– Cash box (for any cash donations)

A campus-wide e-mail and securing an announcement in the Kateway bulletin regarding the drive will both be going out.


1) Street card. since our late meeting, Brett brought to our attention that Minneapolis has a street card already circulating. In light of this, we are considering perhaps focusing our street card efforts on Saint Paul, using the Minneapolis card as a guide for what to include as well as a document to look a critically and see if there is information which is not listed on their card which might be useful on ours.

2) Community presence. Specifically, how we will participate in Pride and MayDay parades. Our first step is to look into how much participation in these events will cost, as well as any additional costs/related projects such as T-Shirts to identify ourselves as PLG members. (In discussion after our meeting had officially adjourned, the possibility of making PLG buttons arose, as well as whether or not we should consider designing a logo for ourselves, as PLG does not seem to have an official logo. Something to think about for the future?)

3) Presence and participation at SCU/MLIS program

a) We will be looking into the possibility of scheduling a Monday Night Community Meeting for next year, preferably early in the semester.

b) Ideas for programming we might help provide included the following: a guest speaker, a panel discussion of speakers, possibly to discuss topics such as copyright and creative commons issues or diversity issues in LIS. We also discussed the possibility of having a student debate on these same issues, or combining a panel discussion with student debate.

4) Summer status: We determined that during the Summer semester, PLG will continue to meet, but most likely change out meeting date to Tuesday or Thursday, as this will be most convenient for members. We will update the blog once a final decision is made.


Bring any and all art materials (paint pens?) you have and join us for a creative meeting of decorating drop boxes for the book drive!

Post by Emilie Hanson


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