No December Meeting Tonight

In observance of the end of the semester, final class projects and St. Kate’s PLG & ALA’s Book Drive for Perspectives, we will not be having a meeting this evening.

Please take the time to scour your local bookshelves and local bookstores for children’s books about “Hopes and Dreams” – and then bring them to St. Kate’s as a book drive donation!

Some of the books requested are below. Please feel free to look for these titles, or use this as inspiration for the books you bring.

Title Author
Hope is an Open Heart Lauren Thompson
Swimmy Leo Leoni
The Rain Came Down David Shannon
Baby Bear’s Big Dreams Jane Yolen
Ish Peter Reynolds
Friends (Animal Friendships) Catherine Thimmesh
Meet Danitra Brown Nikki Grimes
Prancing Dancing Lilly Marsha Arnold
How My Parents Learned to Eat Ina Friedman
Miss Rumphius Barbara  Cooney
The Peace Book Todd Parr
Pete the Cat:  I Love My White Shoes Eric Litwin
Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Carol McCloud
Cookies Bite Sized Lessons Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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