CISPA poses serious threat to online privacy

The Pirates are coming! The Pirates are coming! The zeal with which the US government (and its content industry buddies) has been going after intellectual property theft lately is dangerously reminiscent of the Cold War fear-mongering.  Thought SOPA/PIPA was bad?  Check out its cousin which has already passed through the House.  New legislation called, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA, shows once again the depths that the certain intellectual property owners will go to in order to stop piracy.  Don’t get me wrong, piracy is a serious threat, but not one which will prompt me to allow nearly limitless sharing between ISPs and the NSA.  Not only is the definition of what type of information can be shared with the government disturbingly vague, there is language in the bill that authorizes this sharing of our private data (emails, browsing history, etc), “notwithstanding any other provision of law,” basically eroding the authority of other privacy measures and consumer protections already in place.

CISPA Critics Warn Cybersecurity Bill Will Increase Domestic Surveillance and Violate Privacy Rights


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