Suffering from SCU PLG withdrawal? Don’t worry! We’re Back!

After a blissfully relaxing break (for some, we hope!), the PLG chapter is back and ready to get started.  We’re jumping right in with a mailing party – all those PLG journals have arrived and are waiting to get sent out.  Join us on Monday, February 11th, @ 5pm in MLIS room 19.  It will be a nice chance for students interested in PLG to see what it’s all about and connect with current members.  Rumor has it …. there will be pizza.  Now it’s a party!

If you can’t make it to the mailing party, SCU PLG is having the first meeting of this new semester on Thursday, February 14th, @ 5pm in MLIS room 17.  Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, but the meeting is early enough it shouldn’t cramp your romantic dinner plans, and besides, who better to celebrate Valentine’s with than our PLG chapter?


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