Ignoring the Digital Divide?

It may be hard to believe, especially for those of us who spend at least some part of our day online, that not everyone has the internet in their home or has easy access the web.  It appears that some national governments are also oblivious to this fact because the United Kingdom decided late last year, in a money-saving effort, that government services will be available online-only.  There are many people who are not computer literate and do not know how to navigate the internet.  This plan will save money but it is certainly not equitable to all citizens in the UK.  At this point, putting government forms online-only appears to be inevitable in the United States and the US has already made some forms available online-only.  As the popularity of the online-only forms arises we must be sure to think of the equity of all Americans or find a manageable alternative.

Here is a link to the article about the online-only services decision in the UK: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/nov/20/government-services-online-only

Post by Trent Brager