2012 MLA/MEMO Library Legislative Day

Here is the description of the 2012 MLA/MEMO Library Legislative Day from the MLA website:

The 2012 MLA/MEMO Library Legislative Day is an opportunity for library advocates (you, your staff and board, your patrons, other library lovers) to gather at the Minnesota State Capitol to show support and raise awareness of issues for libraries.

Attendees should make appointments to meet as many of their Representatives and Senators as possible to remind them of the importance of libraries to the success of the communities in their district. The MLA/MEMO Platform and accompanying Talking Points will be available to help guide attendees in their advocacy.

More than anything, legislators need to see that their constituents value libraries and be reminded that they should, too.

The event is held on Tuesday, February 28th from 10AM to 4 PM at the Kelly Inn in St. Paul and is free to MLA members.  There are also briefings the evening before or the morning of the event.  Follow this link to the full description on the MLA website and to register.