Photos and media coverage of PLG at Occupy MN

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Media coverage of PLG at the event:

Today we occupy MN!

Join us today as we protest corporate greed, support economic justice, and make our voices heard as the 99%.

We will also be handing out information sheets with contacts and legal guidelines (not official legal advice) for protesters.

The St. Kate’s Chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild is committed to the idea that an open forum is essential to  a functioning democracy.  Information is power and, in a democracy, power belongs to the people.  The voice of the American people has been drowned out by the influence of money on politics.  We support Occupy Wall Street and its sister movements across the country in their effort to give the people back their voice.  We support the goal of empowering people through information and creating an enlightened citizenry.  This cannot happen when the 99% are not heard.  We are the 99%.  Our patrons and the communities we serve are the 99%.  Wealth disparity is crippling our economy and we, as the Progressive Librarian Guild, will not stand idly by.

When: beginning today at 9am

Where: Government Plaza (The People’s Plaza) 300 South 6th Street Minneapolis, MN

Information is Power.

Power for people, not profits.

Progressive Librarians Guild